You Must know Somethings Before buy Mobile

More peoples , included me I have plan to buy  Best mobile between ‘100$ – 300$ ‘ Because its best budget to buy – mobile But unfortunate  best Branded Smartphones not in these prices range’100$ – 200$’,Yes apple ,android and Black Berry these type mobile phone price range too high.

Now we will Describe about what we want to know things before buy mobile.


 Price Range :

thing Budget

Most peoples Consider about Budget for buy new mobiles because its very Important , every mobiles Different between Mobile global market price Sometimes price Down in market . for Example : Every new mobiles come

with High price for market after few months those prices suddenly Down Because Of Come every new model Smart or Normal mobiles so we must Decide what we want best mobiles if need buy good mobile .you should spend 300$ – 1000$ (us dollars) .If u buy good mobile then you no need worry because it mobiles lifetime long by Hardware and Software.

 Battery Life :

Best battery life


we must know about battery capacity and battery quality. because Some battery may flammable while using because of Overheating,  that wise batteries very bad for mobiles. I think you know About Recent news , Its Samsung is best Mobile in Electronic  Industry But n 2016 Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy Note7 , Its very High Technology.

and best operating system for user friendly  But galaxy note7 Battery is very poor .

many customers after bought that mobile they have experienced in its battery problem.  so after days Samsung Stopped that model and rebuy from customer . so dear friends please know about these things.

Screen :

Display Quality










We must know about Screen ,in mobiles has many type of Screen and Display, Screen Different between screen size, screen resolution, screen Type . now we will know about screen size for example different mobile’s screen size different size   and It’s sizes depend on Mobile phones and tablet , Display Size effect on Mobile price   because display is very Expensive Mobile accessories . We should know about  Resolution . Resolution mean ‘HD(1080p),Full HD(2440p) ,Ultra HD (3440p) Ultra HD is 4k Resolution. 4k Quality Display mobiles or TV is very Expensive because its Very Quality and sharp, we can see movie or videos ,photos in 4k Display as sharp.

Durability :

Display durability











(This picture describe about Display test).

In mobile phones should know about Mobile phone’s durability .
its two type they are

1.Software durability .
2.Hardware durability.

1.Software durability Different between different type of mobiles ,

for example if we look iPhone operate by IOS and Other some (Samsung, HTC, Google’s mobile , etc.)
mobiles operate by android. IOS os most Different than Android os ,in android has not more security
than IOS But android have lot of application than IOS .so In Software Durability Depend on OS Speed
performance and Security purpose.

2.Hardware durability depends on Mobile Physical Quality;

For example : IPhone product in USA but Assemble in china, Sony before days product and assemble in japan but
now day all work in china by Sony accessories and hard ware durability depends on battery life, display type ,
screen type, Body type and much more, for example : In Display and screen type , if we look it Different mobile
has different type of screen and display type .

in iPhone and Sony LCD display and Samsung and some mobiles has Gorilla glass Protector . so we must consider
about screen and display type.

so in hardware durability depends on battery lifetime ,charger connectivity, battery life,
display type , screen type, Body type and much more.
Dear friends please consider about these things before buy mobile.


Camera Quality :

Before buy mobile see cam

Camera quality











in these days 99% peoples want take best photos and take selfies but we cant reject selfie because
selfie is very fit with our part of one life. so every peoples consider about Camera Quality
and That technology ,
two type of camera ,
1.Selfie camera(secondary camera)
2.primary camera(main camera).

before days Selfie camera quality generally 3-6mp But nowadays selfie(front) camera comes 21mp
quality, because in these days peoples want take selfie I have already told its their part of
life so that effect make increase selfie camera quality(>21mp).

before primary(back) camera quality generally under 12mp But after days (nowadays) Most mobile
phone increase
back camera quality like professional camera, 1st time Sony xperia z and z1 mobile came
with 21 MP camera. its first time ,

NOTE : mp(mega pixel) not only make camera quality but it can make best photos.
here reason for: we described about why mp(mega pixel) not only make camera
– quality .

So camera quality make Mobile price in global market .

Radio activity :

Radio Activity










Radio Activity very important for us because its effect for human health .usually lowest budget mobiles
(Chinese unbranded).
very highly radio activity , very expensive mobile lowest radio activity it’s mean best quality mobile
in global market.
Best rank mobiles here.(See down),

1st Samsung
2nd Sony
3rd iPhone
4rd Motorola
5th HTC

these brand mobile’s radio activity is good for health than another mobiles.
radio activity attack for human brain then in future will get many health
so we must Consider about this thing before buy mobiles.

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