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What’s meaning for Mobile?

Know about mobile Technology

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Know about mobiles technology

Its generally a Type of Telecommunication Device mobile-phone connect to a wireless communications through radio or satellite.most-mobile provide voice communications SMS(short message service),MMS(Multimedia message service).
yes now days many variety of mobile phones released such as IPhone , Samsung ,Nokia and blackberry, once upon time(until 2012) Nokia is best mobile in this word because it has

  1. Best Hardware
  2. Best Software
  3. Easy to Handle

But after days Nokia was suddenly dropped on market because after days many type of android mobile And IOS come to market
They are Apple, Samsung and etc. .

Apple has own OS ,its IOS , iOS is best OS Because of its

  1. High security
  2. OS Speed Performance
  3. High pixel Camera Quality
  4. High performance Battery And much more
  5. I phone Design
  6. Quick response
  7. High-defense display Quality
  8. IN now ios Updates to IOS 10 Beta

In Android OS Mobile Devices ,Android Os’ Generally Not Best Security than IOS But Android has Many variety Of Functions they are here(see down) –

  1. Android have Unlimited Applications than IOS in play-store.
  2. It has Quick setting than iOS
  3. best camera general application
  4. Android Control by Gmail
  5. Its Google’s one of the product
  6. Android devices blue-tooth can connect To android Devices But Unfortunate Android Or iOS couldn’t connect within these devices Because IOS has high Level Security as IOS can accept This Function.
  7. In now Android Updates For Android 7.0 version .
  8. Finally , Android can access best Function Than IOS

Finally , We cant say bad review for IOS and Android because Both are very Good performance But If we see separately we must know about OS pros and cons as it can use for before You buy one mobile.


Microsoft Mobiles .

It OS can make many unbeatable Activities Because This OS have many user friendly functions .

  • Microsoft can Make Believe.
  • Computer users mostly uses .



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